June 18, 2024
British Policeman


British Policeman
“What, two red and white cone-shaped criminals on the loose?! I’ll keep an eye out…” (c)Southbanksteve

Watch yourself, PWU watchers, for the latest addition to the PWU crew is an officer. Not of the law, you might be pleased to hear, but of Supporter Liaison at Wigan Athletic. And what does such a person do, you ask? Well, Officer Ian Wadsworth is here to answer that question in his own words. Personally, I was surprised to find out his role at the club has nothing to do with offices.

Next up in a surprisingly eventful edition, Huddersfield fan Andrew Bullock confidently predicts a roight battering for those sausages of the Lancastrian persuasion. Yes, friends! If this were Christmas time I would have shamelessly pushed the half-written Wars of the Roses Tin IV to market without a thought for quality or customer satisfaction. Phuh, like I would ever dream of doing such a thing! Ahem.

And somewhere in between all that we find time to talk about more window cleaning and how I vent my anger… amongst other things. Aheeeem. Sorry, er, I have a bit of a congested throat at the moment. Yes. (Quick, Jim, cut to that show mp3 before we move into the dreaded 12A territory!)

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Contents: Pillow talk with Ian Wadsworth (0:25) including a ‘burning’ issue (3:20) and simply FABulous meetings (7:00); Blackburnin’ in the Third Degree (11:20) with McCleaning ’em out? (12:45) And stopgap strikers (17:00); PWU Question Time: Iron Kvist (18:30), Shaun Ma-go-ney Part I (22:09) and Barrow v. Short – Clash of the Pie-tans (25:00); Shaun Ma-go-ney Part II (36:30); Terry Hairs’ dog-gone Huddersfield preview (41:30) with Harry Bumm (50:00) and predictions (51:50); PWU Quiz of the Week: Name That Player (1:00:30)

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Latics teletext
60 grand. To think that’s minimum wage now… (c)BBC

Email Ian Wadsworth directly at: ian@wiganathleticslo.co.uk

More info about the Latics Supporter Liaison Officers can be found here or on Ceefax page 10,043. And for those who doubt that teletext can go beyond the three figure page count, think again, for the medium has mutated beyond its original boundaries thanks to a blast of internet radiation poisoning some time in 2012. It’s a story almost big enough for a DC comic, but not quite.

Best stick to that internet thing, eh? There, you can find the exclusive Progress With Unity Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages without having to wait for subpages to scroll.

Speaking of Ceefax, don’t forget to tweet your questions to Dr Teletext at @jesusisawiganer. Just remember to start your tweet with ‘Dear Dr Teletext’ so we direct your message to the right person here at JWAW Towers…

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