June 18, 2024

The original pic was slightly too red for my liking, so I changed it. (c)Limes Country Lodge

The original pic was slightly too red for my liking, so I changed it. (c)Limes Country Lodge
The original pic was slightly too red for my liking, so I changed it. (c)Limes Country Lodge

Yesterday was the first day of autumn, and it really doesn’t surprise me. Because even though Saturday’s game played out under sunny skies, the DW surface betrayed the true time of year. Minds were cast back to Septembers past, with pitches soggier than a slice of toast covered in a particularly runny bean sauce and players auditioning for Auntie’s Ice Dancing… or whatever it’s called now Brucey’s left. (That’s Forsyth and not Steve, incidentally.)

Progress With Unity, meanwhile, is lukewarm all year round thanks to the Book Cycle studio’s amazing central heating system. You might have heard its low rumble butting into conversations about Will Grigg, Owen Coyle, Arouna Kone and Paul Scharner over the past four years… wow, remember those guys? Football clubs grow up all too fast these days. Before we know it, Tim Chow will be flying the nest and heading to Everton for £10 million… sigh.

Speaking of Latics Dev Squad alumni, we have a special report on the academy setup courtesy… wait, Jordan Flores’ dad Manny? Did I actually read that right? Well, PWU, I’ll give you credit for being current just this once. Great work! Just don’t screw up the Oldham preview or I might yet remove your milk monitor privileges…

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Contents: Cheery intros (0:00); Fleetwood review with Rob’s On-The-Whistle Report (0:50), Statman and SIX minutes? (3:40); A PWU hello to Manny Flores (5:20) including Jordan’s rise through the Latics youth ranks (9:40), Dev Squad men to watch (12:20), the season so far (14:55) and Stars of FIFA Soccer & BBC Radio (17:00); Shaq’s back (19:00); ‘Texas’ Oldham preview with Paul (22:00) including sold out allocation (26:24), Phil Dowd Ruined My Christmas (28:00), Si’s Odds Checker and Oldham’s recent form (29:15); a birthday greeting to Gareth and McMillan Coffee Morning (31:40); Latics vs Latics predictions (33:00); Holtmaster Comeback Trail update (34:30)

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If you think PWU is presented by a grouper weirdos with no idea how to weaver narrative, then you should have been listening after we played the Gills. Sure, we might skate around the subject from time to time, but you can’t deny we’re a dab hand at discussing postmen and biscuits. Although if I’m being honest, I would much prefer some fishy leftovers.

Well, *they* tasted like cardboard coated with Swarfega. Ahh, takes me back to my days in the arts and crafts club! Hopefully the PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages are more palatable otherwise they might take away my Michelin Star.

…Yes, I named my Ford Escort ‘Michelin Star’. What of it?

Classic Ford Escort
She’s a beaut, ain’t she? Pic courtesy Fragments and Reflections.

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