June 16, 2024
John Stones' Pink Trophy

Perfect! Now there's no need for rose tinted spectacles.

John Stones' Pink Trophy
Perfect! Now there’s no need for rose tinted spectacles.

Why hello, darlings! I’m just preparing my house for the John Stones Paint makeover team, who will soon be paying a visit to JWAW Towers for a faaaab-ulous spot of DIT. I won’t have to lift a finger as they do it themselves, picking the hamster hairs from my plug holes and repainting the man-sized catflap magneta and lime green. Oooh, I hope that handsome Nick Knowles fellow will be coming! I’d like him to plunger my lav – I think I have a hairball stuck in my U-bend. Och!

Hey, maybe they’ll let me redesign that awful trophy, which has far too many grey bits and not enough colours of the fabulous spectrum. That must be why they’re bringing it to the Supporters Club on Saturday – ooohooh, it’s the perfect opportunity to show off my pinks… and cherries, of course! Now where did I put my emergency porta-pots of paint?

(He gets far too excited about these JPT games. Don’t worry, dear readers, I’ll lock him in the house on Saturday morning. — Ed)

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Contents: Cheesy (and oniony) intros (0:00) and hello to a new guest panellist (1:50); Southend review with Statman’s Errata (4:10), Adam P’s Not From The Terrace report (5:00) and Rob vs Caldwell: The McCann Debates (11:00); managerial musical chairs at the top of League One (19:55) and goalscoring is thoroughly overrated?! (23:00); fishy Fleetwood pricing (25:35); educational Barnsley preview with Mick’s scouting report (27:10), Si’s Oddschecker with JSPT overall winner odds (38:00) and ever so subtle predictions (40:40); PWU Xmas ‘Panto’ – see below (43:35); Wanderers’ worries (46:00)

Fartwatch: Strong evidence is at 19:15 and 25:30

The Progress With Unity Christmas Special

Progress With Unity cordially invite you to the recording of our Christmas Q&A on Wednesday 23 December 2015. We want you to come on down to the Beech Hill studios and ask us about anything, and that includes off-the-pitch matters. Even as we speak, Barry is convincing some special guests it is a worthwhile waste- er, use of their time, so please do register your interest by emailing wigan@vitalfootball.co.uk if you wish to quiz them on all things WAFC… and more. Cheers.

Tweet us your questions and comments: @PWUPodcast

Pink Panther
David Perkins: the Superman of your dreams

Did you know that Crayola named many shades of pink? They are responsible for shocking pink, razzle dazzle rose, hot magenta and purple pizzazz. And yes, the last one is definitely pink as opposed to purple – I just checked with the official JSPT colour swatch chart that came free with my ticket to the Blackpool tie.

If Wigan win John Stones’ Paint Trophy, he should allow us to name ‘Latic blue’ after… er, Stripey The Laticat, I think. Say what you like about our fain feline friend, he had a better name than JJ, Springy or whatever that Edwards Pies mascot was called. Anyway, please do send your suggestions for alternative colour names to PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages, because we’re too lazy to think up engaging content for ourselves. Cheers.

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