June 18, 2024
Derren Brown

"Now let me see... aha! For Christmas, you want... PWU to be taken off the air, am I right?"

Derren Brown
“Now let me see… aha! For Christmas, you want… PWU to be taken off the air, am I right?”

All of a sudden, I know exactly what that Derren Brown bloke is talking about. The power of suggestion is all around us at this time of year.

As I stared at the waist-high pile of Jacob’s boxes hidden in a dark corner of my sizeable drinks cabinet, I suddenly realised why I thought to stock up on Christmas biscuits some two weeks in advance. It wasn’t because I am a particularly ardent biscuit man (I am more of a foy grass type), but the fact I had been fed subliminal messages every Saturday since the start of August. Michael Jacobs, you have a lot to answer for!

I really ought to have taken precautions, as this sort of thing has happened before. Glancing over at the signed poster of Maynor Figueroa on my wall, I am reminded of how I started buying fig rolls for the first time in over a decade. I haven’t eaten any since Fig left (the second time), mostly because I hate them.

Ah well, I guess you can’t fight commercialism. Fancy a packet of Revels? I just noticed I have five crates of them in my pantry…

YouTube version

Contents: Dark and stormy intros (0:00); Blackpool review with Dan’s ‘illegal’ On The Terrace report (0:55), Statman’s weather report (8:40), Paul’s Xmas naughty list (12:00), the poles have reversed (16:00) and phantom press conferences (18:30); obligatory topic film reference (22:40) and an interview with Will Grigg (23:45); FA Youth Cup vs Snooker: Rob’s message to Teddy Sheringham (29:50); token Barnsley preview… again (30:50) with Cheggers’ Oddschecker (32:40) and predilections (33:57); AoB: All Gone Latics and more PWU Xmas bash details (35:30); Tales of the Unexplained: Mystifying Warmups (36:40) and The Amazing Disappearing Half Time Challenge (37:50)

Fartwatch: 40:20!

One week till the Progress With Unity Christmas Special!

Ooh, exciting, isn’t it?

Progress With Unity cordially invite you to the recording of our Christmas Q&A on Wednesday 23 December 2015. We want you to come on down to the Beech Hill studios and ask us about anything, and that includes off-the-pitch matters. Even as we speak, Barry is convincing some special guests it is a worthwhile waste- er, use of their time, so please do register your interest by emailing wigan@vitalfootball.co.uk if you wish to quiz them on all things WAFC… and more. Cheers.

Tweet us your questions and comments: @PWUPodcast

Waterlogged pitch
“What a nice day for a game of football!” (c)Heffron Hawks

If you’re planning on attending the recording of PWU’s Christmas special next Wednesday, be warned: I might film the whole thing. So wear something smart or the internet may get the wrong impression!

Actually, in the spirit of this post’s title, let’s try this: how about you wear nothing at all? You’re able to walk much faster with no clothes to weigh you down… or maybe it’s the sharp pain of ice and snow underfoot that puts a seasonal spring in your slowstep?

And if anyone out there is planning to try that, please also be warned that I have the police on speed dial, right next to PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app page links in my phone. But feel free to use *those* in non-emergencies.

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