June 18, 2024
PWU Christmas special

I hope you're all singing along!

PWU Christmas special
I hope you’re all singing along!

It’s the event you’ve been waiting 365 days for! Yes, now Progress With Unity’s seasonal Q&A is finally here, you can officially settle down with some eggnog and enjoy an Alternative Alternative Christmas Message delivered in semi-inebriated fashion by Bazza, Statman and that one guy who will be marrying Grant Holt next month.

And at the risk of spoiling the magic – of both Christmas *and* PWU – we invited you, the listeners, down to our Book Cycle studios. Tempted by the sweet aroma of mince pies and mystery dip (all we know is that it gurgles of its own accord), over three punters bulldozed their way through swathes of Christmas shoppers to ask Jonathan Jackson their probing questions about woolly jumpers. It was truly sensational.

Couldn’t make it along? Fear not, for we have an extra option on this second most festive of days – you can watch this episode with your eyes *and* ears! That’s correct – for once, the YouTube video actually consists of more than a sickening baby blue test card and clickbait thumbnail. Best enjoy it while it lasts, because we will surely revert to type after Santa has removed the jollity from our bodies with an ornamental chunk of non-edible coal. Stupid beardy flying hipster type.

YouTube version – with actual film footage!


(Note: timecodes are for the 60 minute video version.)

Non-festive intros (0:00); Barnsley review with Statman and Robin (1:10), JJ’s fan perspective (2:00), surprising/genius team selection (8:30)

JJ Q&A: Programme notes and national newspaper coverage (12:20), favourite bit of business from last 12 months? (15:40) Bright prospects in the youth academy (18:00), Revell recalled & Barry’s Editing Nightmares (21:55), loan signings taking the place of full-timers? (24:50) Emyr Huws: return of the prodigal son? (28:20) players didn’t want to be there? (30:30), Jose Mourinho available for sponge man duties (34:45), Wigan Athletic Christmas parties (35:35)

Sheffield United preview with memories of 2007 (36:10), with Mick’s well-prepared historical report (37:25) including back to square one (39:50), watching blokes strip off (42:40), Si’s Oddschecker (47:35) and holly jolly predictions (49:30); seasonal singalong: The 12 Days of Latics Christmas (52:30)

(Sorry, I should’ve learned the chords in advance…)

Everyone sing along now!

On the 12th Day of Christmas Donald Love sent to me…
David Sharpe said we’ll smash it 

Gary Caldwell is Superman 
Max Power’s a-leaping 
Yanic’s on the run 
Captain Morgan likes spiced rum 
Seven days for Craig Davies 
Six Jussis Jiving 
Five Jacobs Crackers 
Four nil at Bury 
Three points at Barnsley 
Graham Barrow with a marrow 
And Joe Parkinson in The Pear Tree

Get involved!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at the PWU Podcast!

Progress With Unity is still the one and only weekly Wigan Athletic fan podcast on the web. If you wish to get involved or have any topics you’d like to be discussed, please get in touch with Barry at wigan@vitalfootball.co.uk, marking your email PWU Podcast.

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Sharpy wardrobe malfunction
Let’s hope Uncle Santa Dave brings him some new ones.

In the unlikely event you did not find this week’s edition of the Progress With Unity Podcast pant-splittingly amazing, write in the first instance to PWU’s 23-hour Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app services. Please allow up to four months for a reply, as our receptionist is in hibernation, and the office BBC Micro cannot process those 1,837 unread emails in a single eight-hour loading session.

And that’s it, you can go home for Christmas now. I’m letting you leave early, but only if you buy me a new pair of trousers. Otherwise I’ll lock you in over New Year, and Richard O’Brien won’t be around with his crystals to buy you out!

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