June 16, 2024
Wigan Champions 2003

Sepia, eh? Was 2003 really that long ago...?

Wigan Champions 2003
Sepia, eh? Was 2003 really that long ago…?

Oh, did someone at the back order a bunch of cheesy stats stolen from BBC Sport?

It may surprise you that Wigan haven’t scored more than a single goal in any game at the DW since February. Prior to the 1-1 draw with Peterborough on 5 March, they had only failed to net three in a single game this calendar year – a scoreless draw against Oldham on that new shag pile.

Since that fateful afternoon, the ‘Real Latics’ have beaten Gillingham, Peterborough, Chesterfield, Swindon and Walsall… and of course, drawn with then-leaders Burton Albion. I’d suggest they’ll be safe from relegation now, even if Millwall (A) and Coventry (H) await in the last two games of the season.

But getting back to the ‘Plastic Latics’ and their recent home ‘goal drought’, such as it is… well, I’ll let those boisterous PWU panellists be the judge of that. Hmm, I wonder if Statman will be annoyed that I’m trying to emulate him?

Well, Gaz, mimicry is the saltiest form of battery… or something like that.

YouTube version

Contents: ‘First take’ intros (0:00); ‘efficient’ Coventry review with a From The Terrace double header (1:00), ‘no pro footballer must ever miss a penalty’ (4:30), Agent Fortune (7:30) and already promoted? (10:00); 2003 vs 2016: which team is better? (11:30) With bonus stats (14:20) and would Caldwell have managed them differently? (19:00); Harry De Zeeuw’s Dutch Masters are in town (20:30); faster Doncaster preview (23:20) with Si’s Oddschecker (26:00) and ‘measured’ predictions (26:30); subvertin’ Burton preview (31:30) with the Akins Diet and fighting predictions (33:00); Player of the Season vote (37:30) and any other shameless plugs (41:00) with zines and charity bike rides

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Express train
It only takes 11 minutes to get to Euxton. Modern railways are a marvel.

For those squad members relishing the move to our new training ground, do be aware that National Rail prices have risen once more, so it’s now £5.80 for a return ticket from Wigan North Western to Euxton Balshaw Lane. Please remove your dirty boots before embarking or the driver might not let you ride again. And you’ll have to train by yourself in that farmer’s field just outside of Westhoughton for the third time this month.

Thank you, and have a safe journey.

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