June 18, 2024
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This Northern Soul website logoSome big news straight from the world wide web. Representatives from [Thas] Not a Patch on Harry Lyon, Ye Olde Tree and Crown and the Mudhutter have clubbed together to form a new, all-encompassing megasite entitled ‘This Northern Soul‘, the intended successor to said sites. This does mean NAPO, YOTAC and Mudhutter will be closed, but once things are ironed out much of the old content will be transferred over so you won’t be missing much. Members of all three former fanpages were notified towards the end of last week with the official launch on 1 April.

Since the closure of the Official Wigan Athletic Forums (what, four years ago?), I feel there’s been something of a disharmony with stalwarts moving on to separate sites. The launch of This Northern Soul is a good move, bringing the fans together once again to start afresh on a new venture. It might not be as popular as the fantastic Cockney Latic just yet, but it certainly has the potential to be. The guys from (sole remaining?) paper fanzine the Mudhutter and various Latics publications are on board, lending a certain amount of credibility to the project.

VitalLatics and Wiganer.net continue to be essential sites for the Latics web contingent, but there’s a new(ish) kid on the block which I’m sure will prove a worthwhile addition to your bookmarks.

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