June 16, 2024
Ali Al Habsi
Ali Al Habsi: Three great saves, but couldn't prevent Latics losing again

Good day Latics fans. This afternoon, I shall be conducting a trial run of live Twitter updates for Newcastle United v Wigan Athletic, with a Latics bias of course. Well, what more did you expect? This isn’t the BBC, you know.

Refer below for latest happenings in the buildup to/during matchday afternoon. The widget will automatically refresh so you won’t have to do any extra clicking about. Alternatively, visit the JWAW Twitter page for the full range of Twitterlicious features and such. I’m told it’s quite the in-thing to do, so do it and revisit some of your lost youth.

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Text Updates: Chronological Tweets (all times BST):

Note: Non-JWAW tweets in orange. Later editorial additions in italics.

2:02: Latics Official (RT): Wigan team: Al Habsi, Boyce, Caldwell, Alcaraz, Figueroa, Diame, Watson, Jones,Moses, Rodallega, Crusat.

2:03: Latics Official (RT): Wigan Subs: Pollitt, McArthur, Gomez, Sammon, thomas, Maloney, Lopez

2:06: Figueroa back, Jones retains place. Crusat given a runout. U called it Wiganlaticsblue! Di Santo not in team

2:08: Gomez back in midfield too. Look out for plenty of free kicks around Newcastle penalty area… πŸ˜›

2:10: Has Di Santo been dropped? IMO He’s been one of our best players of late. I know that’s not saying much though. (Note: it was later confirmed Di Santo was injured)

2:25: Bert Crusat, then. The Pocket Rocket. The, er, Zing on the Wing. Good luck lad.

3:00: Teams out and preparing for kick off. Just finishing usual pre-match stuff now. Colocinni and Caldwell shaking hands etc

3:01: Nice sunny day at St James Park. Latics to kick off.

3:03: Good passing move from Latics, Crusat to Rodallega, Colocinni blocks long-range shot. Go on Bert! Jonas cross to Al Habsi

3:05: Habsi taking his time getting this one up. Pardew not happy. Sign of things to come re timewasting? πŸ˜›

3:06: Latics getting some possession now, good stuff! Moses shot saved by Krul! Corker. Great start.

3:07: Now that was a bit better than last week. Possession in the opposition area, running at the defence to some effect.

3:09: Best forces corner for #nufc. Ball pinging around in Latics area. Ooh err. Managed to get it clear though.

3:09: Rodders in behind on his own, not much support. Ryan Taylor cuts out cross. Free kick Latics – controversial?

3:11: Newcastle give ball away. Watson long ball up to Rodders, can’t get it though & Gutierrez makes marauding run into Latics area

3:12: Caldwell clears. Moses breaks and Wigan get numbers forward. Moses cross blocked by Colocinni (again) and move breaks down

3:13: Some fluid passing here, long way to go yet but things looking a bit more promising initially. Still quite an open game though

3:14: Wigan keep the ball. Watson to Crusat, whose cross sucks just a bit. Great intentions though – Rodders waiting in middle

3:15: Caldwell gives away free kick on halfway but move eventually breaks down. Newcastle looking to get some possession?

3:16: Rodders run into area, fast passing, gets a powerful strike away… but can’t find target. Best chance of game so far.

3:17: Wigan on the move here, looking to get ball forward more.

3:18: Boyce cross headed away by Simpson. Caldwell long ball straight to Krul. Newcastle build again

3:18: Moses gets another cross in, can’t find Rodders though. Tempo has been upped by Latics in this game, for certain.

3:20: Wigan win ball back in midfield, Diame to Crusat, cross just short of Moses… Newcastle get ball away

3:21: Figs fantastic long pass to Rodallega, half chance for Watson from edge of area. Much better stuff here, still no goal though

3:22: Just over 20 mins played, Wigan currently on top. Latics win free kick in dangerous territory, Cabaye booked

3:23: Rodders receiving treatment, Watson lines up a potential ball into the area. Boyce and Jones also in discussion

3:24: Jones free kick, Crusat wins it but Watson gives ball away. Boyce cuts out Newcastle attack. Rodders looking ginger

3:24: Caldwell long ball, Rod’s offside. Gives him chance to walk off any injury. He seems alright at the mo…

3:26: Simpson cross slightly too deep but Newcastle looking decent here. Jones booked for foul 30 yards from goal could be dangerous

3:27: Ryan Taylor’s free kick defended. Latics look to get ball clear but lose it. Newcastle back on attack

3:28: Gutierrez shot stopped by Boyce – Wigan break. Poor pass from Moses ends the attack.

3:29: Caldwell a bit lucky not to be penlised there but Wigan are off again- more midfield keepball. Caldwell long ball just fails

3:31: Latics looking stronger in midfield than last week. More balls forward, some threatening but it’s an improvement nonetheless

3:31: Wonderful Alcaraz challenge on Best to neutralise his run just yards from goal. Corner out by Alcaraz. Jonas poor pass

3:33: Newcastle holding on to the ball in defence. Jones guilty of another foul – he’s best watch out as he’s on a yellow

3:34: Here come #nufc again – magnificent reaction save from Al Habsi! Another corner for home side. Crowd getting behind them

3:37: Taylor heads wide from corner. Best chance so far for Newcastle that – quite an enthralling contest this now.

3:38: Latics back in possession in own half. They now break, but move breaks down unfortunately.

3:38: Diame thundering run and shot from long range – Krul makes relatively easy save. Just reminding #nufc we’re still here

3:40: Rodallega offside. Just hit a small treacle patch here. Another Latics attack cut out and #nufc are pouring forward

3:40: Watson concedes free kick in an excellent area for Newcastle. Taylor is back…

3:41: Taylor’s shot juuuust wide. Under five mins to half time.

3:42: Moses fouled by R Taylor. Ref’s having a word. Good area for Latics & Watson to take

3:42: Make that Jones – but free kick comes to nothing. Hmph.

3:43: Here’s Rodders, Newcastle get men back but Diame wins corner

3:44: Corner comes in from Watson… and it’s a foul for… something. Moses on Krul?

3:45: Ooooh, horrible challenge from Best there. Really late on Figs, yellow card at least. That’s all it will be

3:45: Looked nastier than it was. Free kick Latics with less than a minute of regular time to play. Martinez delivers instructions

3:47: Into 3 mins of stoppages. Newcastle attack well cut out by Moses. He’s still on the ball… shot from range! Ooh, wide

3:48: Brave run that from the Nigerian. Just couldn’t find a shot on target.

3:49: Newcastle last hurrah perhaps? Long throw in bundled away but here they come again… cross comes in but well saved Al Habsi

3:49: And that’s the half time whistle: #nufc 0-0 #wafc. Al Habsi two great saves for Wigan, but some good chances for us as well.

3:52: Latics battlers well in this contest. Got to find some shots on target and perhaps we might see an upset of sorts.

3:53: Crusat sprightly on the ball, Moses the dangerman. Rodders also doing a job. I’ll back Victor to score in the second half.

Second half

4:05: #nufc sub: Ben Arfa on for Best. We are ready for the second half. Here we go…

4:06: Here’s Rodders… but his ball to Crusat was just too heavy. We know he’s fast, but not *that* fast.. πŸ˜›

4:07: Latics snapping at #nufc heels in midfield now.

4:08: Gutierrez ball in but Obertan’s shot mistimed. Decent cross. Newcastle have a free kick in their own half.

4:09: Watson gives away free kick. Newcastle get men up, headed clear but #nufc still on the ball.

4:10: Demba Ba denied on goalline by Al Habsi! Some claim it crossed the line, but nothing doing. #nufc looking strong now.

4:11: Shades of West Ham earlier this year with that Ba chance. *Shudders* Newcastle still in possession.

4:11: Latics breathing space with goal kick. Al Habsi’s save top drawer there, add that to his growing portfolio of super stops.

4:13: Latics starting on the back foot here, Newcastle bossing this stage of the game, but Wigan still waiting their chance

4:14: Wigan win ball back in midfield, Diame double teamed to mat but here’s Boyce… Terrible cross in πŸ™

4:15: Another long ball from Caldwell doesn’t go so well and Newcastle back with it. Latics win a throw in on territory though.

4:16: Latics faithful getting into full voice now to spur their team on. Challenge from Alcaraz but Latics still under pressure

4:17: Diame wins it in midfield again. Long ball to Rodney but loses out to Colocinni. Goal kick

4:18: Watson foul. He’s walking a fine line here – quick word from the ref. To be fair, it was a 50:50 decision. Corner to #nufc tho

4:19: S Taylor needs to be patched up, leaving #nufc with one less man for this corner, which Jones and Rodders get away.

4:20: Crusat in space. Great opportunity… comes to Jones who gets a reeeally long range shot reeeeeally high. Good enterprise

4:21: Three blocks in a row from Latics! Ba could have had one there. Figueroa goes for an even longer range shot – think Stoke

4:22: Simpson crunching challenge to win ball back for #nufc. Some spice in this contest now! Ben Arfa cross in threatening.

4:25: Obertan cross straight at Al Habsi, Wigan break but play a bit of keepball again. Now here’s Boyce…

4:25: …Steven Taylor does well to deny Rodders at the near post! It’s a goal kick however. πŸ™

4:26: Crusat cuts out another Newcastle attack. Long ball to Hugo, who shoots… wide. Hint of a handball? He missed anyway.

4:28: Big battle in midfield this. Jonas’s shot bravely blocked. Claims for handball against Caldwell, but it would have been harsh.

4:30: Demba Ba off, Ameobi on for #nufc. Newcastle putting Latics defence under pressure, but vice versa also. Still anyone’s game

4:31: Corner to Newcastle who are showing signs of turning the screw just a bit. Caldwell clears, Diame wins it back again

4:32: Crusat cross in to Rodallega is also cleared, and Newcastle are quick to break. End to end stuff right now, #nufc just on top

4:34: Wigan just pushing Newcastle back now, but run into back and white wall. Foul from Caldwell. Could this be his obligatory ylw? (Caldwell was not booked)

4:35: Simpson foul on Crusat, but it wasn’t that bad. No red card in this instance. Newcastle give ball away again… phew

4:35: Rodders now! Attempted cross deflected for a Latics corner. Come on now.

4:37: Jones corner. Decent ball but half cleared. Moses harassing defenders, but gives away a foul. Newcastle 3rd sub here…

4:38: Marveaux on for Obertan for #nufc. Still no changes from Wigan, 13 mins left to play.

4:39: Good chance for #nufc snuffed out there. Some decent passing from Latics here… Crusat cracking cross!

4:40: Just too far for Hugo though and Newcastle break with gusto.. another fantastic save from Al Habsi! Super stuff from the Omani

4:41: Ben Arfa drew the save, which keeps Wigan in the game. Ali’s on form today

4:41: Cabaye scores. 1-0 Newcastle. The pressure eventually told.

4:42: Ten minutes to go now. Do Latics have an equaliser in them? Let’s hope so.

4:43: That’s a body blow for Latics. Two subs: McArthur for Watson and Sammon for Crusat. Come on, let’s go for it.

4:44: Sammon unlucky not to win corner. 4-3-3 now a distinct possibilty, but with Rodders on the left wing. 8 mins.

4:45: Moses cross! Very threatening, Diame just couldn’t get to it. Wigan must push for this goal.

4:46: Boot now on other foot – Newcastle the ones slowing things down. Ameobi gives away foul and Habsi will get this one upfield.

4:47: Wigan throw in opposition half now. Caldwell long ball but a hard task for Rodallega and it’s another goal kick.

4:49: Boyce cross, overhead attempt from Diame. Another good cross to Diame who heads wide. May be Lat. best chance of an equaliser.

4:50: Newcastle have a free kick and will stop things dead. Wigan eager to get it forward but can’t get the ball.

4:51: Into last minute of normal time. Moses breaks but inexplicably gives away a foul. Not the ticket.

4:52: We’re into stoppage time and it’s now or never. Moses again concedes a foul – frustration creeping in now.

4:53: McArthur gives away a foul. Yep, the frustration is back… but at least it looks like Wigan care about things.

4:54: Latics can’t win ball now, but they have a throw. One last chance, perhaps. Figueroa…. muppet. Shoots from light years away

4:55: And that will just about do for this contest, unless the ref adds some more time on. Figueroa receives a yellow.

4:56: Four minutes of stoppages are up. Newcastle corner. This game is dead

4:56: Full time: Newcastle 1-0 Wigan. Great battling performance but no points again.

Post-match musings

4:57: Heartening, but doesn’t change the fact we’re bottom. When it isn’t going your way…

4:58: In summary, frustrating along the lines of the last six games. Better, but not good enough.

5:01: JWAW Latics Man of the Match: Ali Al Habsi. Three top saves, pity it wasn’t four.

5:05: That’s seven losses in a row now. Probably not deserved, things are back on the up. We’re not being overwhelmed.

5:07: Can’t get the results. It’s gonna be a tough ask now, but we’re back to full strength so should see an upturn in fortunes soon

5:08: I’ll stick my neck out and say that if the game were at home, we wouldn’t have lost.

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