June 20, 2024
Tickled to death

I added the pixellation, in case you were wondering.

Tickled to death
Pierrot tickles Columbine to death.
I added the pixellation, just in case you were wondering.

Good evening, podcasters! I hope you aren’t in too foul a mood following the events of Tuesday evening, and have enough energy to enjoy this week’s Progress With Unity. The FA Cup win is no doubt a sweetener, and the thing you will remember until the day you die. Once I recover from the disappointment of relegation (cough, and this virus), I am sure to be jubilant at the simple fact that Wigan Athletic won the FA Cup. I think that’s a point worth repeating a few thousand times.

This edition is a celebration of Saturday, which I have just about come to terms with. It is an emotional time as every man around the table recounts their memories of a day that will live forever. There’s a bit of coach ride banter, exclusive insight into the craziness of the Wembley press box when Latics scored, plus the infamous triangular corner flags myth and Ben Watson Mania! If you only listen to one edition of PWU this year, make it this one. And the one next week. 😉

Contents: Arsenal review (0:00); Wembley (10:00); we did it for Joseph (12:08); coach antics (18:37); press box madness (25:30); more tales from the tour bus (32:00); meet and greet and Villa preview (39:26)

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There is one more edition to come this season before we all take a well-deserved break. To be alerted when said episode is published, the PWU iTunes, RSS and app info pages are available as they have been all season. I should return for next week’s review of the campaign, which is sure to be a fun-filled 50 minutes reminiscing upon yet another gripping nine months in the Premier League.

As ever, thanks for listening and thanks for being yourself.

2 thoughts on “Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 45: Pleasure/Pain

  1. Great show as usual lads, love the chat & the humour (& get free eloqucence lessons as well, my kids rekon my Northern accent has never been as strong since I started listening to the PWU) I am a Wiganer living in Mid Wales for 30 years but av a season ticket at the DW & mek the 6 hour round trip 2 the peoples republic to watch my team that I av supported as a 9 year old kid at Springfield Park in the Northen Prem in 1972. Avin seen us play since then couldnt care less what league we are in (as 4 the prem it is all about money & survival & as you know there is some dross in there!) it is my ome town & my own club. Regards the final it will be a day I shall never forget (no 1 in 25 years time outside of Wigan will remember us being in the Prem 4 8 years but the heroics of last satdy will be played over & over again!!. The sight of Boycey carrying Joseph out in his arms whilst sheilding his ear to protect him from the noise reduced me to tears (& I fill up now just thinking about it) if ever there was a lasting image that summed up my club & town & what we stand for then look no further!! A very very proud pie eater. Look forward to seein our Lancs freinds aka the 4 B’s ome & away next year + a few trips to the continent, Wigan V Top Italian, German & Spanish clubs would be most appreciated. Ps stay on for a year Bobby & the lads & run riot in the Champs!!

  2. Hi there ExPatPieEater!

    The image of Boyce carrying out Joseph will live just as long in the memory as the moment he and Caldwell hoisted the fabled trophy aloft. I got a great view of the whole thing on television (or as great as it could have been) and both were emotional moments.

    I personally think we are a better side than many in the Prem, but when it’s your time, it’s your time and there isn’t much you can do about it. Still think we might get 38 points – one per game, which would have been enough in seasons past. But the league will quickly be forgotten once the season has subsided.

    I think Roberto might stay to see us through our first season in Europe but I wouldn’t begrudge him a move at all. Guess we will find out on Monday.

    Thank you so much for dropping by and hope you continue to enjoy the podcast. 🙂

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