June 16, 2024
Ed Jones Wigan Athletic

It’s not every day the Wigan Athletic Head of Media is asked to participate in small time internet podcasts. Or at least, that’s the impression I got from meeting journalist, author and long-time Latics supporter Ed Jones at the DW Stadium on Monday afternoon. Do not be fooled by his snappy answer to the question, “what does your job entail,” for he doesn’t really spend his working days chatting to people like the Progress With Unity Podcast – his role is far more varied. And why not? He is truly a Latics media polymath of the modern generation.

Though Ed’s masterwork is quite possibly Northern Soul, which chronicles Wigan’s journey to the Premier League in paperback form, one must not forget his contribution to indie-folk outfit The Tansads. Said band was also the subject of a separate Jones-penned publication, This is Pop: The Life and Times of a Failed Rock Star, which I have yet to pick up –I know, shoddy research again– but I’m sure it’s a compelling time sinker. At least, that’s if Monday is anything to go by.

I shall henceforth shift into media luvvie mode, so skip this section if you wish. I often make snarky comments about the mainstream media, though my hard-edged stance was softened by meeting Wigan Evening Post representatives Greg and Paul, who you may know from the podcast. Worry not, however, as I ain’t about to start endlessly plugging local newspapers such as the Wigan Observer (cough) any time before Wigan win the FA Cup. Erm, again.

In much the same manner, I departed the Robin Park Pie Dome Media Centre with a newfound appreciation for the backroom boys and girls that keep tabs on us rebellious wannabe media sorts. Heh, if JWAW is ‘controversial’, I dread to think what Ed makes of those other fan forums and publications…

But for once, this post isn’t about me and my tedious everyday observations, nor is it about the podcast participants moonlighting as ‘serious’ ‘journalists’ (snigger) for a change. It’s about exciting things like cars being set on fire, Grant Holt’s Peppa Pig preference and house hunting with Svetoslav Todorov. Indeed.

Progress With Unity Podcast

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