June 19, 2024
Kitchen shopping

This post is dedicated to those presently indulging in a spot of kitchen DIY. (c)Deutsche Fotothek‎

Kitchen shopping
This episode is dedicated to those presently indulging in a spot of kitchen DIY. (c)Deutsche Fotothek‎

Right, so it’s time to cross live(ish) to Studio PWU for our weekly rifle through the underpants drawers of Latics opinion. They’re definitely opinions rather than facts because our in-house reference material is riddled with glaring inaccuracies – that’s the last time I conduct my research on that there Jesus Was a Wiganer site. Those little scamps even managed to trick Paul into thinking we’re back on the south coast this Saturday. *Mischievous laughter*

This week’s highlight is not that high-scoring FA Cup tie, the most exciting match we have witnessed at the DW Stadium for some time, but the succulent transfer gossip surrounding a certain Cardiff striker. Don’t let the fact it probably isn’t Craig Bellamy mislead you – it is definitely worth keeping your finger away from the ‘off’ button.

Contents: MK Dons review and Replay preview supershow, paisanos (1:10); will the real FA Cup please stand up? (11:00); injuries (12:30) and potential transfer negotiations (17:00); Bournemouth preview (24:52) including a shoutout for an old friend/adversary (28:00)

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The 70-episode PWU pension fund is becoming fatter than Mr Creosote’s considerable midriff as the podcast approaches retirement age, but there’s no danger of us hanging up our tenuous references just yet. Well, not in my case anyway. Those PWU iTunes, RSS and app pages will continue to function for as long as the internet remains, which may not be much longer but I have many more original* jokes to work my way through before that time comes. As Austrian beefcake Arnold S might say (no doubt in an overly sarcastic manner), I look forward to it.

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  1. Cool, I notice someone has copy-pasted the timecodes, paisanos! Looks like Mr PWU himself reads my posts. *Proud*

    Also, I am aware nobody is reading this. 😛

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