June 17, 2024
Stop Hammertime


Stop Hammertime
Decent sign-makers in Hammertime Hallway are harder to find than an informative JWAW article. (c)Kurt Nordstrom

Don’t worry, folks, this is *not* a transfer deadline day special, so there are no overly dramatised, hastily thrown together press releases or excitable guys with gargantuan headphones. Mostly because we cannot afford ballpoint pens or technology newer than a BBC Micro.

As January draws to an end, the PWU regulars indulge in a spot of soothsaying, updating their earlier predictions of Promotion Zone Football. Let’s just say things have changed somewhat since those heady summer days of optimism, faux red cards and Owen Coyle specials.

Contents: Happy Birthday, Barry! But not yet (0:00); Palace review (1:40) including Statman and penalty issues (2:20); au Revoir, Ivan? (19:20); Boro review (25:00); Charlton preview (30:24) including a shoutout for referee Michael Bull; season review so far (36:50)

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Radio Gaga
I should stop letting the dog use my wireless as a chew toy.

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“I am… just hearing… that PWU iTunes, RSS and app pages are available right now. Is that right, Kris?”

“Yes, Jeff. I am stood outside the Book Cycle waiting for the PWU team to officially announce their new 5-year podcast deal. And here they come! Barry, how does it feel to have signed this contract?”

“Sorry to interrupt you, Kris, but I am just hearing that Crawley Town have signed Bale, Messi and Ronaldo…”

*Switches off TV*

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