June 16, 2024

(c)Mike Newton

 (c)Mike Newton
Erm… does anyone know how to work this thing? (c)Mike Newton

Strike all of this season’s results from the record, for they were mere preamble. The real business transactions begin now, exactly nineteen games from the end of the 2013-14 Championship campaign, so grab your cup of instant coffee and briefcase – it’s time to schedule a working lunch. Don’t worry, as Declan Curry is nowhere to be seen.

This edition sees the Jordi Gomez Fan Club reconvene to laud some masterful substitutions, but should Gomez, McEachran and Fortune have been there from the very beginning? Should the DW be fitted with a retractable roof? And why has Mick been harassing hot dog sellers? These things I guess we’ll never know, but it’s fun to speculate.

Contents: What’s on the menu (0:00); Charlton review (1:45) including Statman and the Jordi Gomez Fan Club (14:40); pre- (and post-) transfer window closure activity (22:12); Huddersfield preview (28:20); Latics v Sheffield Wednesday Mk7 preview (38:30); strictly business chat (42:45)

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If you have any detailed ideas for segments and features we can butcher, direct them to Paul. Here’s a hint: he would love to present a regular Grant Holt Loanwatch outlining minutes played, offsides conceded and the number of times he said ‘obviously’ on his radio show. Heh, I am one to talk – someone suggested I change my online handle to Discourse Mark this week.

Speaking of Stuttering Bobs, your friendly neighbourhood yak (that’s me, incidentally. Hi!) should be presenting the show next week, so use the PWU iTunes, RSS and app pages to hear the resulting car crash carnage.

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