June 17, 2024
Radio Studio

Apologies for the lateness of this edition, but we had to figure out all this editing equipment... (c)CountdownCrispy

Radio Studio

Following last week’s acclaimed on location edition, the PWU Podcast returns to the plush surroundings of its Beech Hill studio for an altogether warmer episode – in more ways than one. But enough about the Bradford game, because that’s ancient history now.

Joining the team to discuss a very fruitful weekend are Paul Kendrick and Greg Farrimond (no relation) of Wigan Today and its associated print media. I’m also in there somewhere, mostly reading the Evening Post when I should have been thinking up meaningful commentary. If you hear any papers rustling in the background, it’s probably me scrabbling for something to talk about. And if I sound a bit weird, it’s because I’m currently battling a man cold, so don’t phone me in the next week or you’ll never hear the last of it.

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Image courtesy CountdownCrispy @Wikimedia Commons (CC3.0)

2 thoughts on “Progress With Unity Podcast No. 16: West Brom preview, Spurs review

  1. I cant applaud Wigans shock result because football is in denial of energy abuse something Wigan had buckets full of it.They had more energy than was used in Wigan casino that should give you a hint the North West is full of it i no because i live there.

  2. Great comment. ‘Energy’ is exactly what you associate with this Wigan team when they’re doing well, passing the ball with confidence and surging forward with gusto. The second portion of the first half against Spurs was a good demonstration of this, even if they didn’t manage to score in that time. As for Wigan Casino, I believe they held a tribute evening at the local Monaco ballroom recently so that’s a timely analogy! 🙂

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