Progress With Unity Podcast No. 15: Spurs preview, live from the DW Stadium!

Wigan v Bradford warmup

By now, you know exactly what I think of Tuesday night‘s Halloween fancy dress party, so we shall move on. It has been two days, after all. Next up in the Premier League is the ghastly prospect of Tottenham Hotspur, and this week’s PWU Podcast preview comes live from a mizzly Dee Dubya. Witch team with emerge victorious?

In this week of suitably monstrous upsets, will Roman Ghoul-obart or Albert Crucifix make the starting XI? Or maybe Antolin Black cat-raz will be given a place on the bench? Far more likely is the prospect of Frankenstein Di Santo and Jean Boo-sejour retaining their places.

And before you ask, yes, I did stay up all night thinking of those horrible puns. To keep tabs on the PWU Podcast, grab the RSS feed, follow the 100% official unofficial Twitter account or navigate to the iTunes store. I promise there won’t be any more references to Halloween.

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