June 16, 2024
Bend It Like Yackham

We really miss Baddiel and Skinner’s Fantasy Football. Oh, for a podcast harking back to the mid-90s televisual treat… wait a minute, here it is! Warning: contains innuendo and comically censored rude words, but what more did you expect from something I’m involved in the production of?

This might be a general football podcast, but don’t worry Latics fans, there are plenty of references to Wigan Athletic on account of the Yack’s Latics fanaticism. That said, we will try to be neutral across all clubs in future editions… heh, fat chance o’ that!

Don’t expect deep soccer chat, firstly because this isn’t America and we call association football something highly confusing over here, but secondly because we don’t claim to be particularly knowledgeable about… well, anything at all, really. But we hope you might find at least something vaguely amusing in there somewhere – in that sense, it’s the football podcast equivalent of Family Guy. Except it doesn’t include the brutal murder of dogs.

(Warning: potential spoiler in the previous sentence, so don’t read it if you’re a fan of the show.)

We’re taking suggestions for names so don’t forget that jar of Marmite on offer for the best ones!*


Things we learned this week (4:33) including Jack Wilshere’s tackle & the comedy of mispronunciation; Roy Hodgson. Good? Bad? Discuss. (13:41); scariest footballer ever and football adverts (15:08); football fruit machines (19:32); price of a season ticket at Wigan (23:05); the many hairstyles of David Beckham (29:44); Twitterer of the podcast (31:36)

  • Dave ‘n’ Yackham YouTube channel is here. If this gathers any speed we will consider widening our scope to mp3 files and pirate radio broadcasts, yarr!

*It’s an invisible jar. All the fun, none of the mess.

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