June 18, 2024
Xmas dinner
Ice diving
Mike Pollitt takes a Christmas dip at Hillsborough.

My goodness, this Championship campaign has been so action-packed I’ve almost forgotten the Premier League exists. There were so many fallow periods last season that we had to make do with poxy Man City v Liverpool weekday matches with their bog standard quality of football and £30m+ players. No such nonsense this year, for we have glorified training sessions to analyse in minute detail!

Only two and… three quarter(?) games to review this week due to Wednesday’s Olympic swimathon. Certain outlets reported an unprecedented 22 sendings off, but closer inspection of the wires reveals every player was enjoying an early bath of a different sort. Ack, you can never trust the mainstream media!

ContentsBolton wonders (2:00);  glossing over Maribor… (19:16); Sheffield Wednesday 50m freestyle (20:00); Reading preview (23:45) and the story of Gareth’s lucky hat [again] (25:30)

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Xmas dinner

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Next Wednesday might be Christmas Day, but that won’t halt the Progress With Unity team coach (possibly driven by a bored Paul Gascoigne)! Just like in seasonal film Speed 2, it will be pelted with peanuts and rotten fruit if we drop below 10mph. At least I think that’s what happens in the movie – I have never seen it because the Luddites destroyed my television following endless promotion of the PWU iTunes, RSS and app pages.

But yes, check back next week for the annual Progress With Unity Christma- ahhh, I shall not spoil the surprise. Ho ho ho (Green Giant)!

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