July 15, 2024
Meat pie

Meat pie

I am noticing a worrying trend on the Progress With Unity Podcast. Do we have to perpetuate this fatuous Wigan ‘pie-eaters’ myth with constant references to said baked pastry dish? Are we really the group of illiterate, illarterate meat ‘n’ tater-obsessed walking stereotypes those red-tops and ex-pundits make us out to be? No, don’t answer that – it was supposed to be a rhetorical question.

Pie News aside, there is much mirth as Brendan Rogers gets thoroughly roasted ahead of the weekend’s gargantuan clash with Liverpool, while Barry is put on the spot regarding his big gamble that ‘Alcaraz would never play again’ with hilarious results. There may also be some actual football talk in there somewhere if you listen carefully enough.

In PWU Studio 1 this week: Barry, Gareth, Paul, Dan, Mick and Rob

Contents: Reading review including Gareth’s hat (2:57); Latest relegation odds w/Gareth (18:20); Liverpool preview (28:30); Barry’s bet bites him in the bottom (37:50); Pie News with Standish Pies (38:30); A ‘monster’ tune (43:00)

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The website is also up and running as usual, housing classic episodes of the podcast from #1 to #33. You can hear a sneak preview of #35 on BBC4 at 10:00 this evening, though I suggest you be patient and wait until it’s properly released this time next week. Thanks for listening!

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