Monthly Archive:: February 2013

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 34: Hats off to Reading

I am noticing a worrying trend on the Progress With Unity Podcast. Do we have to perpetuate this fatuous Wigan ‘pie-eaters’ myth with constant references to said baked pastry dish? Are we really the

Reading 0-3 Wigan: Wheel of Fortune turning in Latics’ favour?

Statistics are great if you’re a Championship Manager fanatic, but football matches are not automatically generated on a video screen (at least not yet). Heading into this afternoon’s potential Blockbuster, form suggested a tough

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 33: Taking the Biscuit

Without PWU regular Paul to chip in with the odd vaguely relevant sardonic comment, surviving team members are left to plumb the very depths of podcastdom with terrible jokes about Ozzy Osbourne and chocolate

Huddersfield 1-4 Wigan: Lissome Latics pass screen test

Ahh, the FA Cup – the ‘welcome distraction’ that is in reality an exercise in sheer frustration. As the ‘smaller’, lower ranked league side, you seldom receive that sliver of fortune one requires when

Progress With Unity Latics Podcast No. 32: Palm Springs, Sydney, Beech Hill

For the first time in its short and distinguished history, the Progress With Unity Podcast reaches beyond the confines of this humble town to bring you correspondence from the Commonwealth. The Western and Eastern

Chelsea 4-1 Wigan: Chelsea lay the smackdown, again

2:50pm. An expectant Stamford Bridge eagerly awaits the entrance of Wigan’s gladiators and Chelsea’s lions for a potentially season-defining contest. This is almost certainly the case for Rafa Benitez, who is one narrow loss

Progress With Unity Latics Podcast No. 31: It’s been emotional

Following another Progress With Unity all-nighter, half the team resembled a boxer who had just completed ten bruising rounds with the heavyweight champion. Events of last Saturday tempered any positivity that may have been