June 19, 2024
Pro boxing match

Protip: Punch the man, not the floodlight.

Pro boxing match

Following another Progress With Unity all-nighter, half the team resembled a boxer who had just completed ten bruising rounds with the heavyweight champion. Events of last Saturday tempered any positivity that may have been starting to build as Latics begin their ascent of that metaphorical wall of this time last year, and that now-traditional end-of-season apprehension is beginning to set in.

You can’t deny it all makes for great debate, however. Hey, where would we be without something to worry about? No doubt the Manchester United podcasts are rather boring right now, largely consisting of their panellists sitting back to light up a stogie and announcing ‘bring it on, fools!’ Drama is what we football fans feed on, and there’s plenty of it to come in the next three months. I just wish we could all enjoy it. :/

Contents: Southampton review (0:00); internationals (19:25); Chelsea preview (21:40); relegation straw poll (47:40)

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Cheers for listening.

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