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Wigan 0 Liverpool 2: Welcome to Hell

Welcome to Wigan. We don’t have a Waitrose, Harrods, John Lewis, Morrisons, an airport, a cathedral, a glass museum… or very much at all, come to think of it. But the one thing we

Progress With Unity Podcast No. 35: Of Liverpudlian massacres

As the Continental Food Market returns to Wigan (springbok burgers included), Progress With Unity reconvene to build a Scouse sandwich of Luis Suarez and FA Cup magic with a sprinkling of Champions League controversy.

Wigan 0-4 Liverpool: ‘Wigan Time’ delayed another week

Anybody watching the BBC News Channel in the past few days can’t have failed to notice a particularly colourful character at the Eastleigh by-election. Ray Hall of the Beer, Baccy and Crumpets Party outperformed

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 34: Hats off to Reading

I am noticing a worrying trend on the Progress With Unity Podcast. Do we have to perpetuate this fatuous Wigan ‘pie-eaters’ myth with constant references to said baked pastry dish? Are we really the

Progress With Unity Podcast No. 18: Liverpool post-mortem, Reading preliminaries

It isn’t pleasant to lose, but at least it gives you plenty to discuss in the pub afterwards. This week’s PWU Podcast comes not from the local boozer, but its regular location somewhere East

Liverpool 3-0 Wigan: Divine Providence

This time twelve months ago, Wigan were just emerging from a series of results that would destine most teams to relegation. Is it testament to Roberto Martinez that his team not only survived the

Progress With Unity Podcast No. 17: West Brom ruminations, Liverpool reminiscence

Perhaps the Progress With Unity Podcast‘s most appealing factor is its participants’ tendency to embark upon journeys of nostalgia that lead to endless tales of seasons past. Of course, you could class this as