Progress With Unity Podcast No. 18: Liverpool post-mortem, Reading preliminaries


PWU: Almost as much fun as Sean Morrison's Cerealquest

It isn’t pleasant to lose, but at least it gives you plenty to discuss in the pub afterwards. This week’s PWU Podcast comes not from the local boozer, but its regular location somewhere East of (Nicky) Eden where the Springfield Tree grows.

On Barry’s big bad list this week is an eclectic mix more varied than Howard Webb’s mp3 player. After some Suarez sympathising from yours truly, attentions naturally turn to the events of 8 May 2005, which I can’t remember personally but there’s a video at the end of this post to refresh your (and my) memory. The injury mini-crisis is also discussed, and likely one-time wonder ‘Dan’s Stat Corner’ makes a debut more triumphant than Amr Zaki’s. At Rigalettos. (Allegedly.)

It’s forty minutes of fun and frivolity from the Fantastic Four, so don’t miss out on the latest episode of the quite frankly unlistenabl… erm, unmissable PWU Podcast! Ignore my bad jokes and it’s almost good enough for national radio.

One can follow the Progress With Unity Soap opera on Twitter, iTunes or grab the RSS feed from usual stockists. I’ll admit it isn’t quite as tasty as #cerealquest but is somehow more filling than a recession-busting bowl of budget brand corn flakes with water.


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