Progress With Unity Podcast No. 17: West Brom ruminations, Liverpool reminiscence

Golden postbox

*Post*-match discussion

Perhaps the Progress With Unity Podcast‘s most appealing factor is its participants’ tendency to embark upon journeys of nostalgia that lead to endless tales of seasons past. Of course, you could class this as a drawback (particularly where editing is concerned), but isn’t that why football exists? So we can ramble on for hours about the minutest details of that 58th minute substitution or seemingly meaningless pass back to the keeper?

The seventeenth edition of said podcast is no exception to the rule, due in no small part to my own role as guest ‘host’. Yes, it has taken just over four months for this blogger to pluck up the courage to venture into the world of ‘live’ audio broadcast presenting. And let me tell you, it certainly wasn’t worth the wait…

Don’t let that put you off listening to it though. I think it turned out pretty well considering my relative inexperience at keeping to any sort of rigid agenda, which, as you should know by now, is not exactly my forte.

If you don’t fancy entering the JWAW URL into your browser every seven days (I know I don’t), you can follow the Progress With Unity podcast on Twitter, iTunes or just use the trusty RSS feed.

Image courtesy mjtmail @ Flickr (CC2.0)

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