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West Brom 2-3 Wigan: Disaster averted… for now

The FA Cup Final is in just seven days, yet it felt a lifetime away as I nervously crossed yet another date off my calendar. Despite the prospect of silverware, there was no dancing

Progress With Unity Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 43: Sea you on the other side (of the relegation zone?)

I don’t normally apologise for my post title puns but in this case I shall make an exception, because that one was bad enough to make you choke on your early evening prawn sandwiches.

Progress With Unity Podcast No. 17: West Brom ruminations, Liverpool reminiscence

Perhaps the Progress With Unity Podcast‘s most appealing factor is its participants’ tendency to embark upon journeys of nostalgia that lead to endless tales of seasons past. Of course, you could class this as

Wigan 1-2 West Brom: Reality check

Ambling towards the DW Stadium this afternoon, there was a noticeable buzz that gradually increased in intensity the closer I got to those prominent white arches on the Wigan skyline. And no, I’m not

Progress With Unity Podcast No. 16: West Brom preview, Spurs review

Following last week’s acclaimed on location edition, the PWU Podcast returns to the plush surroundings of its Beech Hill studio for an altogether warmer episode – in more ways than one. But enough about

Wigan 1-1 West Brom: All just bricks in the wall

Remember that Saturday evening television show Gladiators? The one with John Fashanu in a ‘trendy’ deep blue blazer and a bunch of unrealistically muscular types employed specifically to beat up members of the public?

West Brom 1-2 Wigan: Mo and Go steal the show

Latics climbed out of the relegation zone, albeit temporarily, with a battling away win against all odds at the Hawthorns. Though it wasn’t quite as smash and grab as their previous away win at