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Wigan 3-1 Chelsea: Well, that was a pleasant surprise, wasn’t it?

I’ll come clean: I wrote the following passage at around 1PM in anticipation of another Latics defeat. I wanted to try and get this post out of the way as soon as possible, as

Arsenal 4-0 Wigan: Match report

Before this afternoon’s game, all the talk was of Robin Van Persie. I have no idea why, because he was perhaps the single worst player on the field today — worse even than vast

Wigan v West Ham United (12th September 2009) photos

Premier League match report. Official match action – Latics website Illarterate Flickr account

Wigan 1-0 West Ham: Match report

It wasn’t exactly the kind of performance that’s going to get you in the first few games on Match of the Day — especially considering the high number of goals scored in the Premier

International week: a chance to regroup

The past two weeks have been something of a pleasant break for Latics fans, not least because they give us the chance to catch our breath after the non-stop barrage of fixtures the beginning