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Tottenham 0-1 Wigan: Inconsistency, thy name is Wigan Athletic

Just when we really needed it, how’s about that for a Latics ‘dream week’? I don’t recall back-to-back wins under Martinez since the last time Halley’s Comet was visible from Earth to the naked

Hartlepool 0-3 Wigan: Good riddance to the Tangerine Dream

Well, would you believe it? Latics’ first match in a new, non-orange away kit has led to our first competitive away win under Martinez whilst wearing anything other than blue and white. There can

Wigan 0-6 Chelsea: Big whoop, you could see it coming a mile off

And so it came to pass that the multi-millionaires walked all over the Premier League wannabes once again. Some may argue the sheer weight of such a scoreline was somewhat unjustified considering Latics’ first

Wigan v Chelsea preview: Brace yourselves, lads, it’s going to be one tough afternoon.

Take one team that’s struggling to find their feet after a demoralising defeat at the hands of a newly-promoted side (who many are tipping to finish rock bottom of the league, no less) and

Wigan 0-4 Blackpool: It’s gonna be a loooong season

You may well say I am not qualified to comment on yesterday’s game considering I wasn’t there and didn’t even watch it on telly or listen to it on WISH. And you’d be right,

Latics' Galleries Club Shop open for business

Latics’ new club shop, imaginatively titled the Latics Club Shop, was unofficially up and running this morning. Stocking such merchandise as Wigan Athletic branded golf tees, babies’ bibs and cuddly teddy bears, it’s already

News roundup: Chopping out the dead wood

It’s been announced today that Olivier Kapo will finally leave the club after two relatively unsuccessful campaigns. He scored his only league goal towards the end of the 08-09 season in a defeat to