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PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 88: Our last hurrah

That’s it, you can all go home. PWU’s final word of the 2014 season has been uttered, its ultimate ruminations committed to tape in the usual sarcastically crafted fashion. Oh go on then, we’ve

QPR 2-1 Wigan [AET]: 62 and out

At the 2013 PWU End of Season Dinner, I wasn’t the only one to claim that a playoff place would be a positive finish to the season. On that day it was decided that

Wigan 0-0 QPR: Hack To The Future

As I munched my Friday lunch, it was with great disappointment I learned that Latics had already lost 4-2. But before I could pick up the phone for a refund on my ticket, I

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 87: Well I’ll be a Chunky’s Uncle

Heeey, you guyyys! It’s official: the man known only as Chunk (as printed just above his belly button) is PWU’s Lucky Mascot of the Week. And possibly next week’s too, but we’ll see what

Blackburn 4-3 Wigan: The season starts here

Jaws hit the floor as the starting line-up for Latics’ end-of-season ‘bash’ was posted on the noticeboard. At the risk of eliminating what remains of my street cred, I had forgotten all about those

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 86: Live from South Whitley

“We always do well in the FA Cup. Can’t the rest of the season be cup ties?” I think a genie was floating around when I made that request a couple of weeks ago,