League One Archive

Wigan 3-0 Bury: Blame it on the bogey

“Goals for: 3. Goals against: 8. Points won: 1. Cups ripped from our snotty grasp: 2.” Thus spake Latics’ resident statman, a look of mild disgust steadily encroaching upon his otherwise gentle features. 4-0

Walsall 1-2 Wigan: The Art of Football

Football is an artform – of that, there is no doubt. But I would stop short of classifying it as a fine Renaissance triptych, Beethovenian symphony or even a Hurstian cow sliced clean in

Wigan 0-0 Oldham: Rugball

Jonathan Jackson must know a very good carpet fitter. Because every time I have attempted to lay one, it has taken much longer than a couple of days. In fact, I think I still

Sheffield United 0-2 Wigan: Cluckin’ brilliant

“I’ve done it, Grandad,” he said, slamming down the phone receiver. “Done what, Grandson? The transfer window has been closed for five days now.” “I’ve signed Nando’s for Wigan Robin Park! Now we won’t

Wigan 3-0 Port Vale: The Grigg Frost

Well, viewers, it’s been a busy week here at the JWAW Transfer Window. Staring at this pane of frosted glass for seven long days, I have just about been able to distinguish the figure

Crewe 1-1 Wigan: Moneyball

Being a football supporter is ruddy awful. You work 40 hours a week to pay £300+ for the train, ticket, hotel, bus, coach, pie and toilet turnstile just so you can watch 22 blokes

Wigan 3-1 Chesterfield: Snow business

“They’re closing Whelan’s,” garbled my gran, wiping away a small tear. I hadn’t the heart to tell her that Uncle DeeDub sold his discount stores to a well-known high street supermarket way back in