Monthly Archive:: December 2015

Fleetwood 1-3 Wigan: Zine Wars

In this most commercial of seasons, it is an absolute pleasure to sample the anarchic neo-punk literature they call the fanzine. These glossy bundles of Christmas jollity are a welcome alternative to thrice cleansed

Wigan P-P Sheffield United: Cruel, Cruel Summer

I rose from my bed to the glorious summer sound of birds chirruping cheerfully in the chestnut trees. Stepping outside in just my boxer shorts, I plucked my morning milk from its usual spot

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 149: The Right Trousers

It’s the event you’ve been waiting 365 days for! Yes, now Progress With Unity’s seasonal Q&A is finally here, you can officially settle down with some eggnog and enjoy an Alternative Alternative Christmas Message

Barnsley 0-2 Wigan: Crust Can’t Get Enough

“I went for the nibbling technique rather than the stuff it all in.” So said Matt Backhouse, ‘graceful loser‘ at this week’s World Pie Eating Championships. The organisers’ shock last-minute decision to switch to

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 148: Hypnotic suggestion

All of a sudden, I know exactly what that Derren Brown bloke is talking about. The power of suggestion is all around us at this time of year. As I stared at the waist-high

Wigan 0-1 Blackpool: Cartoon capers

Have you ever felt as though you’re being followed? A strange feeling that, even though you’re rambling through some obscure untrodden part of the countryside, you’re still going to bump into that guy –

PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 147: Maximum Power

Neil Robertson, what a guy! On becoming the first player to make a maximum break in the UK Championship Final, he dedicated his achievement to 147 editions of the Progress With Unity Podcast. We