July 16, 2024
Neil Robertson

Neil Robertson: he hit a lot of balls.

Neil Robertson
Neil Robertson: he hit a lot of balls.

Neil Robertson, what a guy! On becoming the first player to make a maximum break in the UK Championship Final, he dedicated his achievement to 147 editions of the Progress With Unity Podcast.

We don’t have the heart to tell him my numbering system is flawed and that there have actually been 176 episodes if you include St Watson’s Day Specials and those times the recording device failed to initiate. But the sentiment is greatly appreciated, Robbo! We needed a bit of cheering up after Saturday’s lottery draw AKA penalties.

I will admit I was hoping the John Stones cup run would continue a little while longer – I still have a notebook full of silly paint related quips. But we all know the only reason Latics lost the shootout was because goalscoring superstar hero Jordy Hiwula was nowhere to be seen! Pah, so much for that hat-trick at 2/1.

[Rips up betting receipt. Which was actually a weekly Wigan Dayrider. Dang.]

Also on this edition of PWU Max: not an interview with Max Power… that’s next week. Gasp, teaser!

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Contents: Semi-festive intros (0:00); Barnsley review with Simon’s longplay From The Terrace report (1:00), simmerin’ Statman (8:00), Kellett out of position (9:30) & Grigg in position (14:00), penalty punchout (16:50) and unreserved seating etiquette: a public service announcement (20:10); FSF Away Day of the Year – pies and Xmas jumpers (21:30); Blackpool preview with Emmerson Boyce interview (24:50), Refwatch (34:20), time to give up? (36:00) Random stabs AKA predictions (42:20) and Si’s Oddschecker (44:44); AOB: promo for the PWU Xmas bash [see below] (46:00) and DIAS Shoebox Appeal (48:00); You Give (Donald) Love a Bad Name (49:50)

Two weeks till the Progress With Unity Christmas Special!

Progress With Unity cordially invite you to the recording of our Christmas Q&A on Wednesday 23 December 2015. We want you to come on down to the Beech Hill studios and ask us about anything, and that includes off-the-pitch matters. Even as we speak, Barry is convincing some special guests it is a worthwhile waste- er, use of their time, so please do register your interest by emailing wigan@vitalfootball.co.uk if you wish to quiz them on all things WAFC… and more. Cheers.

Tweet us your questions and comments: @PWUPodcast

Can You Help?No, I’m not gonna let this go! If anyone actually knows what happened with Hiwula, please do tell us via the usual PWU Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages, because I would really like an answer. Did you spot him in McDonald’s at 3.04pm? Was he out washing his car, or maybe doing some Christmas shopping in the Grand Arcade? Whatever the case, let us know if you have any idea why the competition’s leading goalscorer was absent on Saturday. I’m so desperate I’ll pay you a weekly Wigan Dayrider (jigsaw version)!

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