July 15, 2024
Wolves fans

Wolves fans

Roebrto Martinez bows to fans
"Get lost you lot! I'm supposed to be on holiday!"

Such has been the recent fervent media activity over Roberto Martinez’s future, you’d be forgiven for thinking Wigan’s last competitive game was far longer than two weeks ago. Yeah, we’ve had lengthier mid-season international breaks, but it already feels as though we’ve been in the post-season wind-down (pfft, yeah right) phase forever.

To satiate your requirement for Latics stuff (for a few minutes at least), feel free to take a moment out of your busy Twitter-browsing schedule (of the #wafc tag, of course) and re-live that final day of the season. It might not have been as important as in recent years, but it was just as great to be a part of.

As usual, the best of this bad bunch will (eventually) be uploaded to the Illarterate Flickr account in high quality. Also as usual, they’re released under Creative Commons so you can use them on your Facebook page/website/school newspaper/whatever – provided I get some credit, of course. 😉

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