June 18, 2024
Won't let the sun go down

Don't worry, listeners, we won't let the sun go down on PWU! (c)Jennamayyy

Won't le the sun go down
Don’t worry, listeners, we won’t let the sun go down on PWU! (Hyuk) (c)Jennamayyy

That’s it, you can all go home. PWU’s final word of the 2014 season has been uttered, its ultimate ruminations committed to tape in the usual sarcastically crafted fashion. Oh go on then, we’ve just enough time for another hour of emotional reminiscence courtesy those household names from that one internet forum. I mean, um… *those* websites, yeah.

When your whole season comes down to one game (well, two and a half games), the gallows trapdoor can be activated at the rolling of a defender. Injury-enforced tactical changes are magnified tenfold, Player of the Season nominees can turn villain on the evidence of one mistake. On such moments hinge the general mood of a final day podcast.

Once the show is complete, I respectfully ask that the last person to leave flushes the toilet, stacks the chairs and switches off the light. Yes, I know that bulb has never worked, but just in case it magically decides to flicker into existence, we don’t want to waste any more energy than is necessary.

Contents: Keep on joggin’ (0:00); QPR: The First Leg (1:40); Building the wall for the QPR second leg (8:00) including the Bayern Munich of Lancashire (9:30) and the last goal of Wigan’s season (17:30); who’ll win the playoffs? (22:30); financial disaster? (25:00); Possible summer ins and outs (31:20); final ‘thank you’ for Mr Coyle! (38:50); You Just Can’t Get Enough of PWU (48:28)

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The Final Curtain
And so we face the final curtain… for now. (c)Dillyboase

It doesn’t feel like the season has ended. Somehow there is unfinished business, stray threads to the 2014 storyline that haven’t been fully resolved, and PWU’s forthcoming summer sojourn is the equivalent to footballing limbo.

But fear not, listeners, as your favourite Latics-related podcast will be back for a World Cup Special some time before the big kick off in June. The usual iTunes, RSS and app pages become valuable resources in such circumstances, so ensure you take note of them in the appropriate manner. Hmmyeeees.

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