July 16, 2024

Swine flu... will it kill us all?

Is the cancellation of Almeria’s pre-season tour of Britain a sign of things to come? Will further fixtures, perhaps competitive, be postponed or even cancelled as the deadly disease takes a grip on the country?

Well, if you believe everything you read in the press, then yes, but I stopped taking tabloid filler as fact a long time ago. There’s a likelihood that the flu will bring some disruption to football (hopefully devastating the Arsenal squad the very week we are scheduled to play them), but let’s not be too negative about these things, eh?

At any rate, the upshot is that officials have lined up St. Mirren to fill the Spanish side’s place for the friendly on 8th of August. As far as I can gather, the game will go ahead as planned at the same time with the same ticket prices, only with new opposition. It will not, as Teletext page 517 still claims, be away to Motherwell – always check the official website for confirmation.

Well, at least we’ll still have a chance to see some Spanish style football at the DW this season under Bob Martinez. Of course, I suppose that ought to be ‘Big Bob’, in keeping with the long-standing British tradition of prefixing all managers’ first names with ‘Big’, but that’s a thought for another day.

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