July 16, 2024

Barnet of the Century?

Barnet of the Century?
Neil Rimmer: Barnet of the Century?

The author is aware that this site is in danger of becoming a simple match reports blog, but what can you do? Time’s a bitch, and I’m her slave. Wait, that sounded a bit weird – weirder even than Paul Scharner’s forthcoming 70s afro (you heard it here first!).

Just a quick reminder that you can check out some of the guest posts I’ve been doing over at Notapatchon – there’s not much difference between the drivel I post here and what I write for the blog over there. I have to say right now that NAPO is rapidly becoming my favourite Wigan Athletic fansite. I do quite like Cockney Latic, which is marginally more active, but in general I prefer stalking the forum at NAPO, probably because it feels more homely and welcoming.

The new Mudhutter Football Express is out this weekend, sold on the bridge and all the usual places the club officials can’t usher them away from. Unfortunately I don’t have an article in there this edition – you can put that down to sheer laziness and the fact I only felt really compelled to write after the Hull game. Otherwise, I’ve been saving content that usually would have gone to the MFE for here or the aforementioned NAPO. But enough o’ that site, it’s already had its plug.

If there’s anyone out there in webland that actually found my article on Latics’ new Tangerine Dream away kit entertaining, I will personally buy them a pint (of water) in the Brickmakers.

Despite the relative lack of updates here, I’ve been active over at Retro Yakking, moaning about the recent England web-broadcast match. If you feel so compelled, check some of those out, if anything to prove to yourself that I have not moved to Mongolia or something. Yeah, as you can see I have a whole load of projects on the go so you’ll have to ‘encourage’ me that it’s in my best interest to write here more often.

A final thank you to the Hull fans that commented on the previous post, the ones that took time out of their day and comment on some second-rate Will Philkinson wannabe’s blog. You’re what makes the earth go round!

That bit wasn’t meant in a sarcastic manner. I really mean it. I like it when I ruffle feathers. 😉

Image used with no permission from wiganlatics.co.uk.

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