July 15, 2024

Three For 30 Quid offer

Latics fans have the opportunity of attending our next three home games against Fulham (8th November), Sunderland (28th November) and Birmingham (5th December) for just thirty quid in the club’s 3 for 30 offer.

Now let’s look at the maths here. These category C games would normally cost £22 for an adult in the most expensive areas of the ground — that’s the middle of the West or East stands — totalling £66 for all three. If you take the club up on their offer before the Fulham game in just over a week’s time, you’ll be saving 50% and upwards on ticket prices.

Season ticket holders will also be able to bring a friend to one of the games for a measly one quid. Not bad eh?

More details.

It’s nice to see some of these offers popping back up again, but I can’t help feeling we’d sell out more games if we applied similar discounts to the bigger matches. I would love for there to be a sellout or two this season, but it seems highly unlikely unless Arsenal are really shooting for the title when they visit the DW on the 17th April.

Still, I have been impressed by the marketing effort this season. Kind of makes up for our generic official website or the fact we can’t have tea and biscuits with the players’ WAGs at half time. Latics Player is awesome, but it sucks you have to pay for it. I reckon us fans should get together and make our own YouTube channel with really poor production values and no subscription fees. Come on, it’ll be fun!

At the very least, I may look to set up a dedicated JWAW Internet TV station. For now, though, you” have to make do with watching food rotate in your microwave. Or Sky Sports News, I suppose.

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