July 15, 2024

E.On FA Youth Cup logoLatics’ 3rd Round FA Youth Cup match against Tottenham Hotspur will be held at the DW Stadium on Wednesday 9th December at 7.00 PM, the club have announced.

Entry on the night will be £5 and £1 for children. However, season ticket holders will be able to watch the game for free – that’s zero pounds and zero pence. Fans are being urged to come along, as this will be a great opportunity to witness the future of Wigan Athletic first hand.

Remember the Channel M Wigan Athletic programme, The Latics Football Show, that was on for about half an hour on a weekday night? I could never watch it because our house isn’t within the broadcast area for the station, which is a bit stupid really considering Hindley is supposed to be in Greater Manchester.

Nevertheless, I remember watching an episode via the website and really enjoying seeing how our youth team were getting along. I don’t think this programme exists any longer — probably down to financial restrictins, Credit Crunch and all that — but I would love for them to bring it back. In fact, if some influential bigwig is reading this, then I would gladly offer my services for any such revival, even if it did consist mainly of fans rambling on for half an hour.

The top four teams all have their own channel, so why can’t Latics? Please don’t fob me off with the Latics Player, that’s not on the telly and you have to pay a subscription for it. Well, maybe I’m clutching at straws here — we can’t claim to be anywhere near as popular as those clubs — but at the very least there ought to be a proper telly programme about Wigan Athletic.

Veering tentatively back to the topic in hand, the club are hopeful of attracting a decent attendance to the match, which will take place three weeks on Wednesday. In a similar fashion to the Latics-St. Mirren friendly in August, only the West (Springfield) Stand will be open, and it’s worth repeating that season ticket holders are allowed free admittance. Remember to bring your card along, though, as you’ll need to produce it at the turnstiles.

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