July 15, 2024
Wigan Athletic reserve lineup

The High Numbers

Wigan Athletic reserve lineup
The High Numbers: The Latics fringe-fest

Well forgive me for getting too wrapped up in the spirit of the FA Cup, but as is becoming a worrying theme on this ‘website’, I feel yet more apologies are in order. Mr Bobby Madley, television replays have shown that at least one of your contentious decisions was warranted, though the other is still open for debate.

Quite why ITV chose to omit perhaps the game’s biggest talking point from their highlights package remains a total mystery – are we to believe that Marc Pugh did indeed go down like a fainting goat, Gareth Bale-style? Certainly, one source –from a favourable vantage point in ES3– suggests the referee was correct in his reasoning and a spot of hoodwinkery had been thwarted. He is a Wigan fan, however.

I’ll believe it when I see the incident for myself, though it seems one may never discover for sure. There is, however, little doubting certain aspects of AFC Bournemouth’s character, namely passion, determination and above all proficiency. Though the visitors did show a great deal of respect to Latics, it really wasn’t hard to see which team is on the 156-match unbeaten run. They were organised, confident and at times completely bossed Wigan, a magnificent effort!

Now for the Latics point of view (again) – the actual podcast. This is the first time we’ve had opposition fans on the ‘show’, and it proved a superb idea (not least for the censors, so watch out for some NSFW language!). I’d like to do it more often, so if there are any Bournemouth supporters living in Wigan, get in touch and we’d love to have you on the next edition, I’m sure.

The PWU Podcast is back in the studio later this week for the usual heated debate. Its next edition will be released Thursday(ish), but in the meantime there are the PWU Twitter, iTunes and RSS pages to keep you occupied. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and try not to let the thought of going back to school (or perhaps even work) ruin it. 😉

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