July 16, 2024
Arouna Kone wears the FA Cup

The FA Cup: Suitable headwear for post-match parties

Arouna Kone wears the FA Cup
The FA Cup: Suitable headwear for post-match parties

I have not been too well of late. Yesterday I was hallucinating that Wigan Athletic won the FA Cup so I think a trip to the doctor for stronger medication is in order. I am still unsure whether all that really did happen and that I will wake up tomorrow morning to news that Latics actually lost to Macclesfield.

I am not a pie eater, but I chewed my celebratory steak pie with pride last night, and not *just* because it was free. Wigan Athletic have produced some of their very best performances in this competition, and yesterday was no exception to the established standard. There was a bit of luck, a bit of quality and of course the goal just when it was needed – dare I say, the perfect end to a perfect cup run?

You may have already seen this stuff, but it’s definitely worth posting up here. Please enjoy this wonderful selection of videos courtesy the FA.

Post-match celebrations

Boyce and Caldwell going up to collect the FA Cup?! It’s a good job it was recorded for posterity otherwise I would never have believed it. Still can’t.


Interview with man of the match Callum McManaman

A quick JWAW tribute: McManaman has been the stand out performer in Wigan’s FA Cup run. He won the corner that Shaun Maloney planted expertly on Ben Watson’s head, and drew both Zabaleta tackles that resulted in his eventual sending off. His goals this campaign have been of great quality and he’s just been a huge boost to the side with his eagerness and pace.


Interview with winning goalscorer Ben Watson

I thought Ben took this rather well considering what transpired. For a man who just won the FA Cup he’s surprisingly collected!


Interview with Roberto Martinez

What happened to Roberto’s voice? It is worse than mine, which I believe is floating down the Dougie somewhere so if you see it, catch it in a bottle and send it to the JWAW PO Box. 🙂


Interview with Paul Scharner

There was nobody more pleased than Paul Scharner that little Wigan had won the 2013 FA Cup. Is this guy a lucky omen or what?


More videos

There are more videos available at the official FA Cup YouTube channel here, including Latics’ road to the cup final. Beware, time and space may become irrelevant as you lose yourself in repeated viewings!

All images and videos in this post ©The FA.

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