July 15, 2024
Teletext Wigan Athletic Deadline Day Deals

The busiest that Wigan Athletic teletext page has been for ages. (c)Illarterate

Mickey Mouse scary
Paul Thorp spreading the word of WAFC in Americaland (c)Mark Harkin

After three weeks of fighting through the Central American jungle, the remaining members of the Progress With Unity Podcast, led by Major Barry ‘Dutch’ Worthington, have finally destroyed the evil lurking within. As the predatory Michael Mouse is now caught in a man-sized rat trap, those members held captive at this twisted Disneyland resort are free to resume their roles on the ‘cast as if nothing happened.

Or maybe it’s the upturn in fortunes that has swelled the ranks beyond the regular five-a-side squad of the past month. Or perhaps our esteemed chairman has being conducting some shrewd business behind the scenes to bring in some new faces? Nah, can’t be – he would have paraded them around his web forum at 2:40pm on Saturday afternoon, drawing much attention from the mainstream press.

Speaking of which, here’s your shameless plug of the week: to read more words (260, to be precise) on the McArthur affair, refer to Mr JWAW’s Motty-esque generic review of his time at Wigan Athletic AFC. I do hope that’s enough to tide you over until the end of the international break, because I have exhausted all the material in my ’emergency jokes’ folder.

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Contents: Inter-podcast deadline day done deals (0:00); wow, mates! It’s a Birmingham review (4:00) including Statman, a Delort faux pas? (5:30) and goodbye, JimmyMc (15:00); 7 points from 5 games – average? (23:30); Deadline Day Teletext Review (27:30) including Emyr Huws permanent deal (33:15) and Jimmy Mac coming back? (35:30); don’t go to bed yet, it’s time for a September preview (37:30); injury time birthday mention (45:00)

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Teletext Wigan Athletic Deadline Day Deals
The busiest that Wigan Athletic teletext page has been for ages. (c)Illarterate

And how about this for a shock Transfer Deadline Day signing! JWAW understands that PWU has secured the services of its iTunes, RSS and app pages on a new 3-year deal worth 25p and a packet of M&Ms (from the reduced shelf, already half eaten). (Turns on echo machine) It’s a d-d-deadline day d-done deal!

Okay, that’s enough of that nonsense. Just check the Wigan Athletic teletext page for details because it’s 11.02pm, which is way past my bedtime. (Pulls pillow from under desk, falls asleep the moment his head hits it.)

Zzzz. Mmhmm, see you next week, mates. (Snores.)

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