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Huddersfield 1 Wigan 2: Tools of cruel deceit

That’s it, I’m done forever. I hereby renounce my faith in statistics, and encourage anyone with a fondness for this gentle sport to do the very same. Say it along with me now: “I

Where in the World Are Wigan Athletic’s Strikers?

That’s not the title of an educational video game for the Apple II and Amstrad CPC, but the latest in a series of puzzlers fit for Wigan Latics’ Christmas fun and games annual. Just

Barnsley 0 Wigan 0: Scamster’s paradise

At present, Wigan Athletic Football Club is a clickbaiter’s dreamland. Ever been irritated by those seemingly fabricated headlines staining the sidebar of prominent Latics news sources? In recent times, they have become pants-splittingly real.

Alternative Match Highlights: Wigan 0 Reading 3

None this week. Nope! No highlights whatsoever, regular or “alternative” (previous word to be used in conjunction with physical air quotes), as even media cheesemeister Robert O Martinez would struggle to weave a pleasant

Teletext: often emulated, never bettered.

“CORRECTION: Wigan Athletcc 5 (FIVE) Prest#n 0 Jasob Robarts 903mins %%%” Last Sunday I shed a small block-shaped tear. 23rd October 2016 marked precisely 4 barren years since the day Internet yuppies callously killed

Wigan 0 Reading 3: Car Park King trumps ‘New Manager Bonus’

Move over, Burger King – this is the age of the Car Park King. That may sound like the punchline to a teatime-friendly Richard Whiteley ‘joke’ (mostly because it is). But the modern practice