July 16, 2024

Springfield Park

Springfield Park, Wigan

Talk of the campaign to rebrand the East Stand ‘The Springfield Park Stand’ is spreading amongst the club’s fans like wildfire.

The influential bigwigs at Ye Olde Tree and Crown and Mudhuts Media, to name but a couple, are throwing their wholehearted support behind the project, and word is that serious progress is being made, albeit rather quietly.

The fans have spoken, and I should think it would be hard for the club to decline in the wake of a torrent of support from Laticsmen (and women) young and old. It has truly reinvigorated fans’ imagination to reminisce over the many afternoons and evenings spent watching a bunch of guys kick leather down Springfield way.

The old trotting track has a long and distinguished history, home to numerous incarnations of a Wigan football club, from Wigan County in 1897 to Wigan Town, Wigan United and Wigan Borough through the early twentieth century.

None survived for more than ten years, as one by one, each entered liquidation and extinction due to various financial problems. Wigan football fans were more hopeful, however, that the 1932 incarnation of the club, Wigan Athletic, would be more successful. So this would prove to be: the Latics would play at Springy for the remainder of its life right up until 1999, when it was sadly abandoned to make way for a housing estate.

The old Springfield era is gone, but certainly not forgotten. What better way to ensure its legacy lives on for future generations than in a new Springfield Park Stand?

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Wonderful pic of Springy in this post is by StuartP from Flickr.

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