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Wigan 1-0 Sunderland: Every Little Helps

Tesco triumphed over Harrods in a relatively low-key encounter at the DW Stadium. Maybe there was a touch of complacency on behalf of Sunderland, who may have expected an easy ride against a team

Wigan 'Tesco' Athletic v Sunderland: Match preview

A bit of a pivotal game this weekend. It isn’t going to be the ‘be all and end all’ cup final match that’ll decide the fate of the club for the whole season, but

The wet Wigan Monday morning media circus

Popped down to Wigan at lunchtime for what I thought would be the grand opening of Latics’ new town centre shop with Martinez, Graeme Jones and Brenda Spencer, who’d be on hand to cut

Tottenham 9(NINE)-1 Wigan: Cigar?

Remember on the old Saturday afternoon videprinter, whenever anyone scored more than six goals they used to spell it out in letters, as if to rub it in the faces of the losing team?

View from the other side of the fence: Dan Fitch of

A match preview with a difference this weekend. Instead of the one-sided nonsense you usually find here of a Friday, I think it’s about time we took a fresh perspective on the weekend in

Stripey on hand to unofficially launch new Latics shop

Wigan Athletic’s new shop in Wigan town centre, Latics WN1, opened its doors for the first time this afternoon, and our man was there to check it out. Though the official opening ceremony is

Roberto reveals (almost) all at his first fans forum

Roberto Martinez hosted his first fans forum as manager of Wigan Athletic in front of 350 supporters at the DW Stadium’s Fitness Lounge last night. Unfortunately JWAW could not personally make it, but thanks