June 16, 2024

Ian Morrow

Ian Morrow
Ian before the big shave!

Lifelong Latics supporter Ian Morrow has hit upon a novel way to raise money for this year’s Children in Need: he will shave off his beard, which hasn’t been trimmed since oh, about 1984.

There’s a twist – should he fail to reach the £2,000 target by Friday, his dog Poppy will also have her fur shaved. At the time of writing, 69% (£1,389) of the total amount has been raised, so Ian’s really cutting it fine (cough) to find the remaining 6,000-odd quid in about three days.

I was reluctant to do it, having spent 25 years carefully nurturing and grooming my fuzz.  I was also looking forward to a lucrative retirement, once my hair turned completely white, as a Department Store Father Christmas.

So not wanting to do it, I said only if they could raise £1,000 thinking that they would never get anywhere near that amount.  Unfortunately it has almost been reached after about a week of fund raising around the office, so I’ve decided that if it is going to happen I’d raise my sights and try to get up to £2,000. — Ian Morrow

You may remember Ian – he’s former webmaster of the now-defunct watv.co.uk from waaay back at the turn of the century, and he’s done the odd spot of work for VitalLatics. More recently he can be seen down at the DW in his capacity of official beardy bloke/season ticket holder… but from the Sunderland match he’ll certainly be a lot less noticeable.

Support Ian’s efforts for Children in Need

JWAW wants Ian to grow his beard back once he’s had it shaved, ‘cos we think it’s awesome and makes him look a little bit different from your typical Latics supporter. Plus, we really want to see him as Santa Claus at Wigan Tescos next year!

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