July 15, 2024

Scharner shakes hands with the ref

I’ve been slacking on the photo front (and in pretty much every other aspect of blog maintenance, come to think of it) recently, but rest assured there’s a nice selection of snaps from the Everton match (well, not the actual match, you understand – I’m not risking getting my season ticket revoked) on the way later this week.

That’s all in the near future, but console yourself in a brief array of pics from Stoke on Tuesday for the time being. As it was a night game, it was more difficult to get clear shots, hence the fewer than usual number of photos. However, there are a few good ones in there as well, including one or two of a very special guest… oh alright then, it wasn’t the real Stig, rather a person performing his role on behalf of either the BBC or some local company looking to capitalise on the popularity of Top Gear.

More pics from other dates at the DW — including those Boxing Day fancy dress snaps I promised you just over a month back — to come very soon. It seems I’ve got a bit of catching up to do.

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