July 16, 2024
Say cheese

Franco Di Santo takes a few snaps for his Twitter account.

Did you see the 4-page victory parade special in today’s Wigan Evening Post? Did you open the centre spread and try to spot yourself among the crowd? Because I did, and it’s like Where’s Wally? without the red stripy shirts – they were nowhere to be seen.

I haven’t been back to the town centre since last night, but I’m guessing that pavement has taken some fearful pressure in the past 24 hours. Empty cans of Irn Bru lined the streets right up to the Moon (that’s the Moon Under Water, not the earth’s natural satellite) – was there a sponsorship deal in there somewhere?

Roberto says bye bye?
Is this a farewell wave from Roberto?

Say cheese
Franco Di Santo takes a few snaps for his Twitter account.
Roberto appaluse
Roberto the ringleader strikes up the crowd.
Goalkeepers union
Wigan Athletic’s goalkeepers union in full voice. Inaki Bergara also thoroughly enjoyed his stint with the cup!

A particular highlight for myself was Callum McManaman saluting the crowd with his crutches! I got a rather blurry photograph of it but there are better quality versions floating around. A little bird told me they’re in the local newspapers… And that last sentence is in no way a cheeky plug for the Wigan paper-based journals. Buy the Wigan Observer! Whoops, did I just say that? *Clears throat*

Emmerson Boyce and the mayor
Boyce: No, you can’t have the cup on weekends and Bank Holidays!
Don't drop that cup, Ali!
Careful with that cup, Ali, it’s not as if they can send another if this one breaks…

To everyone that attended the parade, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. We may have been relegated this season, but I saw a headline today that cheered me up somewhat: “Ian Wright: I’d swap finishing fourth for a trophy“. We should just remember how lucky we are to have achieved what we have this season.

Roberto waves to his adoring fans
Fans could not hide their true feeling as chants of ‘we want you to stay, Bob’ delayed Roberto’s stage speech.
Roberto the ringleader
Yet more Roberto and Jonesy.

Disclaimer: JWAW does not advocate reading the Sun. On that potentially politically charged note, I leave you for the time being. Coming up next: the Progress With Unity season review including more on the FA Cup parade, so join me for that if you dare. 😉

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