Wigan v Hull City (3rd May 2010) photos

A bit late, but as they say, that’s better than never at all. Or, considering the quality of my photography, maybe it isn’t. I will say my pics are actually getting better, perhaps aided by that fancy new forty quid camera I shelled out for, but still nowhere near any sort of journalistic standard.

Not to be making excuses for the recent general lack of updates, but the absence of league action makes you kind of unenthusiastic, evenĀ lackadaisicalĀ at times. Besides, it’s close season and I wanted a rest, you hear? Expect to be fully updated on arrangements for JWAW in 2010/11 sometime in the near future. Meanwhile, enjoy these snaps from the Latics-Hull encounter back in May.

As ever, a selection of the best of these is available in higher quality on the Illarterate Flickr channel. 100kb-plus versions of most of my photos from last season can also be obtained by contacting me.

Still to come is media from the Arsenal game, though considering my recent workload I wouldn’t hold your breath for anything in the next few days. Still, I may surprise you.

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