July 16, 2024

Elton holds a special concert in Mick's exec box.

Elton holds a special concert in Mick's exec box.
Elton holds a special concert in Mick’s exec box.

Crikey, 80 episodes old today? Well, you’re only as old as the pop singer you feel, and the Progress With Unity Podcast team are as chipper as Elton John in his prime. It Ain’t Gonna be Easy for Latics to conjure fresh legs, though the signing of Jack Collison and promise of 33%(?) more rest days have instilled an unprecedented confidence in team PeeDub. We haven’t been this happy since we didn’t have to trudge all the way to Beech Hill of a Wednesday evening. Wait, what?

The period August October may have been disappointing, but the Circle of Life continues, and There Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, AKA Uwe Rosler. In my opinion, he is certainly The One to take this One Horse Town to the very top. And before you ask, it took me a whole ten minutes to research the previous two sentences. In hindsight, I probably should have tossed my usual hastily-constructed word salad.

Contents: Off to a flying start (0:00); Ipswich review with McClean’s Right Leg (1:05), injury merry-go-round and PKendrickWIG shoutout (7:00); exhausting Yeovil ‘Game of the Season’ review (11:20) and blame it on the fans (23:00); Rosler’s lunchtime arrangements (29:35); new, high profile international signing (30:30); Whatford? (32:45); confident QPR predictions (43:45) including Championship form table (49:00) and Financial Fair Play; fanmail to the @PWUPodcast inbox (55:40)

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Boxing match
Saturday night’s alright, alriiight!

Sigh. It’s difficult for me to apologise for all that Elton John nonsense, because Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word. See, There I go Again (On My Own!). Gah, that wasn’t even one of his songs, so I’ll just leave links PWU’s iTunes, RSS and app pages here and spare you further cheesiness. It’s a hurried goodbye from me, Daniel, and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road from him.

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2 thoughts on “PWU Wigan Athletic Podcast No. 80: Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting

  1. Elton John? Thought that was a quick sketch you’d done of Barry down the pub on a Saturday night…

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