July 15, 2024
The Cookie Monster Wheels

I don't have the heart to tell him they aren't cookies.

The Cookie Monster Wheels
I don’t have the heart to tell him they aren’t actually cookies. (c)General Foods

These days, PWU could easily stand for ‘Philosophical Wibbling Unchained’, what with all the high class ‘banter’ being thrown around like a Wellington full of jam at a village fête. The Book Cycle is becoming like an exclusive golf club for bitter, moaning northerners lamenting the demise of decent football at the DW Stadium. Except it’s more like a crazy golf club with far too many putters and not enough ham sandwedges. Ahem.

Deferred Gratification could have been the title of this podcast, but I thought it was a bit too wordy – besides, how many good pictures can you find about that? It’s much easier (and funnier) to grab a mildly humorous photo of the Cookie Monster eating his cheese wheels in the name of clickbait. Note that this image is taken from a time before C. Monster’s teeth rotted away due to the 17 packs of digestives he consumes on an hourly basis.

But forget all your woes, because the FA Cup draws near. Yes indeed, it is once again time to think about that parade bus making its way through Wigan town centre towards The Moon Under Water… Go on, laugh at the sheer audacity of such a comment! Just remember what happened the last time you did that.

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Contents: ‘Clean’ intros (0:00); Tales from the Turkey Farm – Norwich review including Steamin’ Statman (0:55), The Curious Case of the Missing Offsides (3:30), That’s Entertainment! (5:50), sickening substitutions (9:30) and where are the shinkickers? (18:00); The Wanderin’ Sideshow Returns: FA Cup Third Round Draw (23:30); Leeds boycott: not so fancy dress Boxing Day (26:30); What Ford? presents a Watford preview (31:25) including Refwatch (32:00), hopes/predictions (36:00); transfer window clearout? (37:50) including deferred gratification (44:00)

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Tree with an arm
See, kids, this is what happens if you rub your arm too much. It falls off and turns into a tree.

Right, so remember that double edition we promised you last week? Look out for the second part of the discussion in the coming days – it may or may not involve input from the Big Cheese himself, Mr Malcolm Mackay. Er, what do you mean you ain’t gonna listen because it involves that JWAW chap? Well, I’ll bloomin’ well make you!

And don’t say ‘you and what army’, because you know full well I’m going to answer with “me and this tree army (pictured above)”. Observe its extreme muscliness before you flat out refuse to visit PWU’s Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages for a particularly important sub-episode of the podcast. That thing could take you out in one blow, so watch out.

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