June 25, 2024
Battle of Bosworth Field

"'Ere Malky, I need to be subbed - I've lost me arm!" "Don't be silly, get on with it..."

Battle of Bosworth Field
Wars of the Roses: “‘Ere Malky, I need to be subbed – I’ve lost me arm!” “Don’t be silly, get out there and get on with it…”

It may not look it, but this is actually the Progress With Unity Christmas special. Sadly for a ‘radio’ ‘show’, our hilarious high jinks were limited to mostly visual pranks such as photocopying sheet music (which I believe is still punishable by Chinese burn) and hiding staplers in the reference section. These are the advantages of holding a party at the local library… I mean, erm, high-tech podcast recording studio, yes. Ahem.

Also consigned to the top shelf due to time constraints are the Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday games, which complete Wigan Athletic’s selection box of fixtures for 2014. Sadly they have thus far contained far too many Bounties and not enough Wispa Golds, but there is still time for a chocolatey treat akin to the last Rolo. It always tastes the best for some reason, but only if you *know* it’s the last sweet in the tube. It’s all in the mind, you see.

Well, I’m sure there’s a segue there but the mental game is something we never, ever address on the PWU Podcast, just like we never reference Kevin Friend or Grant Holt’s Christmas dinner. Or, for that matter, the 2013 FA Cup Final. Heh, I think we’d better move on to the episode itself before someone playing PWU bingo gets a full house.

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Contents: Festive intro-ho-hos (0:00); Elton’s Bulging Sack – Watford review including Statman’s tour report (1:50), truly baffling false 9s (4:20), a salvageable situation? (7:20) and demotivation (10:20); Rovrum preview with Miller Paul Roberts (18:00) including Refwatch with an old Friend (19:40), Christmas Truce Fair (23:30), Revelling the clash (37:00) and predictions league (42:27); Fansites Forum fleeting foughts (44:44); what we want for Christmas including blatant promo for All Gone Latics 02 (50:00); Geoff Boycotts Leeds (52:00); And Finally… best games of the year (58:25)

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Antarctic exhibition
Last podcast before the Antarctic exhibition of ice cold football!

So that’s it for your bog standard PWU episodes for 2014. But as Axl Rose might have said more than once, don’t you cry – uploads may continue in our extended absence of three weeks. Please do keep your eye on the Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages, as there may yet be a PWU-shaped Christmas present falling through your mp3 player/mobile device’s digital letterbox.

And don’t forget – JWAW still has plenty of festive-themed stuff for you, even if that wretched webmaster wants a two-week holiday. We’ll make him write half a dozen articles on the final day before he leaves for sunny Skegness, or wherever he’s celebrating the Christmas period. Which, to be fair, is more likely to be snowy Ince-in-Makerfield.

Oh, and speaking of the Guns ‘n’ Roses frontman, here’s a Christmas cracker joke for you: What does Axl Rose say as he drains the water from his radiators? I’m gonna watch you bleed!

Cheers for that and, er, Merry Christmas.

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