July 16, 2024


Me on Boxing Day after the game. (c)Respective owner

Remember when I said I wouldn’t see you before Christmas? Well, I lied. Have a bonus episode of the Progress With Unity Podcast on me! Relive slightly more successful times and listen as it all comes crashing down with this compilation of the best moments of PWU from January to May 2014. I’ve already given away what happens to Wigan Athletic, but please do listen to the end as there’s something a bit more light-hearted – hey, we can’t finish the Xmas special on a gloomy note.

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Contents (warning: spoilers!): An offside rule for Christmas (0:36); we know what we are (2:20) including When You’re Tiling (4:50); Meet the Linesman with Barry (6:20); on location with Mr Wigan Athletic (8:05); Mick’s tribute to Sir Tom Finney (10:40); do the Shaun Maloney! (15:20); Elton’s box (16:40); another FA Cup adventure (18:10) including Pointless chatter I (21:22) and II (27:00); PWU 2013-14 Player of the Season Awards (32:40); I’ll be a Chunky’s Uncle (37:20); new addition to the PWU squad (40:30); Ask Jordi Anything (42:00); 2013-14 Season Review (43:30); thank you, Mr Coyle (48:00); PWU’s Wigan Athletic All Time XI (50:30); we may be low division, but we’ll soon be on top (59:36)

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Whelan is God
Ah, I was wondering where my bed sheets had gone. (c)Sky Sports

Right, that really *is* the last one before Christmas so please do enjoy these next few days. Set aside that feeling of impending doom and remember this one thing: Wigan Time is surely to follow. When it does, the Twitter, iTunes, RSS and app pages will certainly keep you fully updated thanks to new fangled teletext technology and our patented autoposting BBC Micro system. See, you don’t even have to leave your computer chair! Those hyperlink things are good, aren’t they?

PWU Christmas Quiz 2012

I was going to write a Christmas quiz, but Mr Headline Writer refused to cover my expenses. Instead, enjoy this festive offering from 2012 – don’t worry about it being ‘out of date’, as the questions are timeless!

Website Editors’ Forum December 2014

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